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Color: orange, black with a orange NAXA logo

CE EN 1938:2010 CERTIFIED:

European standard specifying requirements and testing methods for goggles used by all motorcycle and moped riders, designed to protect the eyes during motorcycle and moped use, both on the road and during off-road sports or recreation.



  • ANTI-FOG visor: an “anti-fog” layer applied during the production process and is an integral part of it
  • Reinforced Anti-Fog
  • Polycarbonate, clear visor
  • Super tough visor
  • Scratch-resistant visor
  • Visor with “pins” designed for tear-offs
  • Quick visor replacement system
  • Large field of view
  • Three-layer, comfortable foam for better fit and protection against abrasions (18mm)
  • Wide, non-slip 50mm strap – silicone-coated with the NAXA logo
  • Wide frame made of flexible material
  • Double frame for increased durability
  • Detachable outer frame with strap
  • Detachable nose guard
  • Multi-ventilation around the frame



  • Original box with the NAXA logo



Goggles do not guarantee complete protection against impacts; their primary purpose is to protect against sand, wind, rain, etc.

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