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  • it’s designed to be mounted on motorcycle crash bars on the right and left side, it can also be fastened on any frame, on the seat or on the side
  • capacity about 6-9 liters 
  • a wood-resistant bag,  the inner side is made of rubber
  • welded seams
  • one bag compartment
  • three fastening straps, the longer strap is also used for comfortable carrying 
  • on the front of the bag there’re two straps for fastening to the frame – ended with two clamps
  • a strap for mounting on the frame on the back
  • Roll-top clasp
  • closure additionally secured with velcro tape
  • three bag closing points
  • on the right and left side, additionaly fasteners for mounting a bag for crash bars or fastening the shoulder strap
  • handle on the back to carry the bag
  • the possibility of changing the size by rolling and fastening with straps
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