Pinlock naxa

Pinlock is kind of additional glass mounted inside a visor. Pinlock prevent your visor fogging and ensure better and comfortable visibility for biker during ride in changing weather conditions.

Pinlock insert is made of high quality plastic materials, having moisture absorption properties and works as a sponge and by the same minimalizes the possibility of fogging the visor.

Inside edge of pinlock insert has a silicone seal, thanks to that, after mount of pinlock a tight layer of air is created beetween visor and Pinlock. That air chamber acts as an insulator where air temperature is beetween temperature of inside and outside of helmet.

Pinlock inserts are used by most famous and prestige helmet making brands on the World. Pinlock allows rider to get maximum pleasure from riding and it meets all safety standards at the same time.

Pinlock naxa

Mounting/dismounting of a Pinlock

naxa pinlock montaż

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